"I am Jerusalem"

 A spectacular and innovative new tourist attraction, part of the Time Capsule worldwide network,

 just opened at The Mamilla mall in Jerusalem, Israel


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With An investment of millions in groundbreaking technology, the first of its kind in Israel, to create an artistic & international multimedia attraction that takes the audience on an amazing journey to Jerusalem's various layers and experience the city like never before.


During the journey, visitors will encounter a rich world of culture, dance, media, prayer, sanctity and emotion all based on Campaign, which lasted approximately - 25 minutes, will meet the visitor a world of culture, dance, media, prayer, holy and emotion all with moving platforms on six axes, 250 square meters of front, ceiling & peripherals mobile LED screens, advanced audio & lighting systems, as well as sensorial effects such as smell and wind.


See its wonders from the inside; uncover the secrets of its alleys; discover the tapestries of religions and the human mosaic that create it. Become a part of the eternal city, become Jerusalem


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