Coca-Cola's - Center of Senses

Orpan Group planned, built & produced the biggest visitors center in Israel, expressing Coca-Cola's values & positive life style.

We did it by using original technologies that we developed especially & the usage of stimulating and interactive platform.

In 2013 Orpan Group upgraded the visitor center and set a new threshold of creativity, innovation and visitors experience.

The upgraded Senses Center recruited the best technological means for presenting Coca-Cola's core values, in which the top one is the value of happiness.

Project type:

Visitor centers



During the visit, the visitors go on a journey to discover Coca-Cola’s formula for happiness. They become acquainted with the history of the drink, exposed to Coca-Cola's contribution to recycling and sustainability in Israel, participate in various interactive activities, enjoy an innovative musical experience and are even photographed and integrated into an advertisement.

The highlight of the visit is a spectacular display that combines floating in air inside bubbles, multi-dimensional animation and "augmented reality" technology, which turns every visitor into an active participant.