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Fantasia Park

Rishon Letzion, Israel

Following the huge success of the "Platinum Park, Orpan Group planned, designed and constructed on the roof top of "Kenyon Ha'zahav" shopping center in Rishon-Lezion – a unique, interactive adventures kid's fantasy land

"Fantasia Park" is a magical world populated by the "funfunim"- sweet, furry creatures that are fed by children's laughter.

The "funfunim" invite the kids to explore, play and enjoy a range of original, technologically advanced games as well as good old classic, nostalgic children games we all love.

Two story rails of buildings, filled with interactive games, connected through a channel of bridges and slides,

green energy carousels, 7d movie theater, musical stairs,coffee house for parents

and a huge sand box combining challenging and creative games are only part of the fun activities in the park.

This is why kids come back again and again time after time

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