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The "Derech H'yam" visitor center, located in GES's innovative sea water desalination facility in Palmachim, presents one of the leading solutions to the worldwide water crisis by using advanced media and interactive technologies.

During the tour Every visitor is equipped with a personal tablet to enrich their experience and are able to draw fascinating information in real time.

The tour starts with an interactive, peripheral multimedia display that takes spectators on a fascinating journey about water – from chemistry to its environmental, social and even political implications it has on our lives.

The visitors learn how sea water desalination is an optimal solution for the water crises,
as well as to GES's various activities all with innovative technologies & artistic means.

The other level of the visit includes a tour in the desalination facility itself. While using the tablets, visitors learn in a fun way even more about the desalination process with pop-up movies and trivia games which contributes to an overall fascinating experience.

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