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Herzel Educational Center

herzl Mountain, Israel

According to Herzl's perception, Zionism is an infinitive ideal.
The new educational center in Herzl Mountain, invites the visitors to participate in shaping this infinitive ideal and to find out how much it is relevant to our life in the present and future.

Herzl center is an innovative center that places Herzl's vision as a mirror against daily reality in Israel. The visitors in the center enjoy a variety of individual and interactive activities, including an invitation to design a newspaper in line with Herzl's vision through touch screens, to watch fascinating movies, to express their opinion on issues that the Israeli society is engaged with, to design posters and T-shirts, to listen, touch, learn and understand, to experience and to get excited.

During their stay at the center, the visitors are exposed to issues and questions relating to values, such as social justice, religion-state relations and the environment, and they realize that Herzl's vision is still alive and kicking, even in the twenty first century.

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