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House of women's dialouge

Petach-Tikva, Israel

The house of Women's dialogue, tells the inspiring story of the women of Petach Tikva, who pioneered many fields and opened the way for those who have followed them ever since.
Orpan Group created a multidisciplinary engagement suited for all ages to experience and learn this story and its valuable lesson.

The inspiring story of the pioneer women of Petach Tikva, who were pushed aside from the pages of history, is now put to center stage. These women took part in the establishment of the city in particular, and the state in general, and are now presented in all their glory at the House of Women's dialogue.

The house invites visitors to a thought-provoking experience that combines the past and the present, between the women who were part of the founding of the city and women who are pioneers in our day and age.

The centre has a rich virtual archive, a fascinating feature film about the inspiring founding women, and an interactive discussion that encourages thinking about gender and contemporary issues.

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