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The Bible Park

Katzerin, Israel

Yaron Meiri-Orpan Group was the chief artistic director of the themed Bible Park - established especially as part of the70th anniversary celebrations of the state of Israel. The huge park operated for 5 days. The masses of visitors got to experience the Bible stories that were brought to life through spectacular technological displays, dozens of attractions and extraordinary activities.

The park was divided into three main content worlds -
The world of Genesis included, among others a 360 display, a sensorial ride on Noah’s Ark, an interactive audio display of the Tower of Babel and other adventures.
From slavery to freedom world- with a giant pyramid hosting a large multi-player escape room with hieroglyphic riddles, quests and games for all ages.
In The world of Biblical heroes - visitors met a variety of characters and heroes from the Bible, strolled over a projected huge map of the Biblical Land of Israel, participated in a mass trivia game of “Solomon vs. 70” and even gamers could play in an arcade of virtual games.
The park also hosted numerous performances on the large stage, themed parades as well as taste biblical food and produce stalls, ancient craftsmen, healing workshops and even have an animated selfie in a biblical surrounding.
A designated App helped visitors register, take animated “biblical” selfies, had a navigating system and other features.

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