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The Jewish Interactive Museum Of Chile

Santiago, Chile

The Jewish museum in Santiago de Chile is an interactive center designed for Jewish and non-Jewish visitors.

The museum role is to unveil who the Jewish people are and present the long & rich Jewish history, from Abraham up to the modern day of the Jewish people.

The museum offers a variety of exhibitions such as peripheral projections and interactive group debate 'simulatorium' dealing with various Jewish related dilemmas.

In the museum's main hall, the visitor passes through 4 significant Jewish historical periods by listening to audio plays, watching movies, playing trivia and viewing various exhibits.

Furthermore, The museum also offers an alternative tour focusing on the holocaust and its implications on today's world. The tour also incorporate advanced technologies such as a unique first of its kins, 360⁰ display portraying the rise of the Nazism Europe, and an interactive dilemma 'simulatoriom'.

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