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Luna Park of smart cities: The spot that lets you update and be updated in the urban action

Researchers estimate that by 2050, around 70% of the world's population will hold out in urban centers, which will get more and more crowded. The smart city model is trying to provide solutions to the significant challenges facing 21st-century urban spaces. The Smart Cities Innovation Center, designed by Orpan Group for Local Government Center in Israel, demonstrates to visitors how the smart city model Realizes in


The Smart Cities Innovation Center (MIC) , which was designed and produced by Orpan Group for Local Government Center in Israel, presents a varied of technological results and solution to the scope of challenges and needs that spring up because of the rapid population growth and concentration in large, crowded metropolises.

MIC presents the visitor the possible future. Following a standard smart city presentation will not compare to its essence of meeting directly with existing projects and contacting existing developments. A glance into the outline of future cities expose decision-makers to a coherent picture of a smart city, and even gradually adopt appropriate new technologies. Experiential exposure to the new concept of the smart city, may lead us straight into the future. And this feature is only getting better!

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