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The museum comes to the living room: culture during corona days

2020 will not only be remembered as the ‘porch singing culture’ year, but also as the one that gave us the possibility of consuming high culture and visiting museums, without even getting off the couch. Technological solutions allow the show to go on every day and hour - even remotely.

Everything you wanted to know about the virtual culture world

The Corona caught us off guard! Instead of thousands of flights, busy resorts, worldwide exhibitions, and more, March 2020 left more than a third of the world's population confined to their homes, in what seemed to be the greatest sick leave of the human history.

In the days when love is social distance and fraternity is isolation, there are also those who have the wisdom to do limoncello from those lemons. Alongside the flourishing of applications for online meetings, learning and working remotely, this is also the beautiful hour of museums and cultural and leisure institutions, which are currently gaining momentum. What’s easier than consuming a high culture without leaving the doorway?

The trend of making museums accessible to the general public has begun even before the outbreak of the global epidemic. Yaron Meiri, founded and owner of the Orfan Group, explains: "For many years we have been designing and adding a virtual floor to support the museum's experience. The global COVID-19 crisis that has caused the closure of physical recreation and leisure space has contributed to a significant acceleration and expansion of this trend so that we can all now enjoy its fruits. "

Many museums and sites offer cultural visiting experiences, without leaving home. How do you do that? It turns out that there are quite a few creative ways to access the museum experience and allow cultural consumers to experience it remotely through a virtual visit.

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