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Orpan Legacy - Preserve your Intellectual Capital with a Cinematic Memoir

Your life story is the most beautiful gift you have ever received. We offer you a chance to tell your story, your true life legacy. A chance to present and preserve all the treasures you collect, the lessons and values that have shaped our lives. Your own exciting journey can become alive.

​Orphan Legacy gives you and your family the opportunity to make a lasting mark for the future generations. Orpan Legacy is a subsidiary of Orpan Group, specializing in conceiving, designing and delivering museums, visitor centers & tourist attractions. With our talented and devoted creative, design, project management and production teams, we provide a holistic solution for every kind of story you would like to tell.

Having your own Legacy video produced, will insure your life’s journey will be available and enjoyed by future generations.

Orpan Legacy will create a biographical-documentary film, in which you are the star, And your life is the story.

Ready to go?


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